Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessments

Psychological Assessments

Psychological Assessments

Our Specialist Assessment services include a wide-ranging suite of psychometric tests and inventories, including:

Extensive research shows that a good indication of future work performance can be recognised via cognitive ability tests. Overall, people that test higher are more likely to contribute more effectively to the job role.

This type of testing helps to identify people who are capable of managing and leading others, have good team skills and can clearly communicate what is required. 

Emotional intelligence testing helps us highlight potential employees who:

  • Are less likely to be effected by negative emotions
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Are emotionally empathetic
  • Can manage their own as well as others emotions

The business benefits when we identify candidates who are likely to be great leaders and can use their emotions to better manage others. 

We use memory testing to identify an individual’s memory ability and how they apply that to a work situation, as well as attention capabilities through a series of rigorous tests.

We can assess coping behaviour in response to general concerns and pressures in varying real world scenarios.

We’re able to determine an individual’s natural behavioural pattern and then see how they use it within a working environment. Profiling can also identify the most effective ways of motivating the employee to ensure they’re working at their best.

Employer benefits of behavioural profiling include identification of:

  • The most effective communication style to use with the employee
  • The best motivational triggers for the employee in terms of managing and helping others
  • The value of an employee’s positive influences within an organisation
  • How to improve areas of weakness

Personality psychometric tests measure an individual’s normal behavioural patterns and preferences within a job role.

We can identify candidates who are more or less likely to be affected by stress related illness.

This testing match an individuals interests, personality and abilities and then suggests which careers might best be suited to their overall package.

Every business needs employees they can trust. Reliability testing measures aspects such as integrity, honesty and ability to follow company rules. 

In worse case scenarios, failure to identify honest candidates can lead to organisational theft – this has a negative effect in terms of financial loss and organisational culture.

Exaggeration of a candidate’s skills is a common occurrence on CVs and during the interview process. The solution is standardised skills testing. This gives employers the confidence of knowing exactly what the candidate’s skills are capable of. Our tests use real-world challenges so employers can preview how a candidate uses their core skills in a given scenario.

We provide leadership style identification for employers, as well as training to help develop leadership skills. This benefits communication channels to create more effective leaders and higher performing work teams.