Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Our executive team will work together with you to assess the current circumstances and then deploy the most suitable resources. Every client brief receives a needs analysis to ensure our strategies match those that are required to achieve the right outcome.

Our strategic services include:

Carfi’s approach to conducting Team Health Checks is to improve organisational culture by exploring issues pertinent to the functioning of the team, including:

  • Job demands
  • Wellbeing issues
  • Cultural observations
  • Personal and interpersonal relationships 
  • Any other factors impacting on the general functioning of the team. 

Carfi provide and implement recommendations to address the themes generated from the Team Health Check to enhance team functioning and workplace culture. 

Carfi’s mediation model is a robust and evidence-based that provides a structured, decisive and effective response to an identified interpersonal conflict in the workplace. The mediation model encourages the two parties involved to identify and develop a clearer understanding of the disputed issues, develop options, explore possible resolutions and endeavours to reach agreement and resolution of the issues that are consistent with organisational policies and relevant legislation.

The decision to participate in workplace mediation is voluntary. The parties to the dispute are informed that they can cease the mediation at any time if they believe that continuing is not in their own best interests. Alternatively, the parties can request a short break for consultation with support people, advisers or alternatively to gather thoughts at any time.

An overview of Carfi’s mediation process is provided below:

  • Pre-mediation: The first step is an assessment, including a review of the issues, history and context of the dispute. This is undertaken by review of any supporting documentation, discussion with the employer representative / referrer and confidential, individual interviews with key individuals.
  • The Mediation Session(s): At the joint meeting(s) the Mediation Consultant assists the parties to:
    • Identify the issues in dispute
    • Begin a dialogue about how each issue can be resolved
    • Develop options that will meet their needs
    • Weigh each option and agree on which option will achieve a positive outcome

As agreements are reached they are recorded for inclusion in a Mediation Report.

  • Post-Mediation: As part of the conclusion of the mediation process a written record of the agreements reached will be provided to all stakeholders. In addition, a report can be prepared if required.

Mediation Consultants assist the parties to reach agreements that are consistent with organisational policies and legislation.

Often people involved in interpersonal conflict do not feel heard and resolving workplace conflict or dysfunctional interactions can often involve providing a safe forum for people to express their views and work through the issues. A facilitated discussion is a dispute resolution process by which a facilitator is engaged to assist relevant parties to identify key issues, develop options, consider alternatives and to endeavour to reach an agreement on some or all issues.

Carfi provides specialist consulting services to various private and public sector organisations to assist with change management programs. The services assists stakeholders within organisations to understand and interpret the impact of change on employee’s functioning in the workplace, understand the nature of and the support required for employees, and to equip leaders with the skills, capability, and confidence to effectively engage with and provide appropriate support to people experiencing challenges as a result of change.

Carfi provides coaching services to managers and case managers in various organisations to enhance their capability to effectively interact with employees regarding a variety of matters impacting wellbeing in the workplace, including mental health, difficult conversations, managing health, performance and conduct, and strategically responding to challenging behaviours.  

Carfi’s coaching program uses a framework of establishing goals, exploring current functioning and performance, exploring options to reach the objective/s, and establishing commitment to specific actions to move towards the goal.

In the management of complex medical conditions it is at times necessary to complete a fitness for duty assessment to: 

  • Review of an employees diagnosis and prognosis.
  • Clarify whether an employee has the capacity to undertake the inherent requirements of a role.

Carfi’s senior psychologists review and provide a comprehensive assessment of an employees’ current and potential future capacity, review of treatment efficacy, and provide recommendations to assist in the planning of treatment, return to work and improve their functioning.